Blanca Victoria | Marylebone Mannequin

Marylebone Mannequin

Custom personalised design ordered by ‘La Portegna’ fashion boutique in London (26 Marylebone High Street). The mannequin is designed to reinforce the boutique’s brand values: hand-made, premium quality and fancy-style. It incorporates specific materials that ‘La Portegna’ use in the manufacturing of their commercial products (tainted leather, ribbons, various fabrics, …)

The front represents a very imaginative, colorful modern suit illustrated with a successful composition of exclusively selected ingredients (photo zoom for more detail).

The brand’s logo is centrally illustrated on the back of the mannequin, surrounded with 4 leather hands in different sizes that reach out to the logo as a testimonial of passion. Numerous trimmings on the bottom make up an irregular original skirt.