About 3V

Blanca Victoria

Blanca Victoria was born in Madrid. During her high school studies, she seizes every opportunity to do internships in the events management and advertising sectors.

She moves to Boston when she turns 19 to pursue her university studies in business management. After graduating, she starts her working career in France. Paris, where she integrates the luxury goods industry, was love at first sight, and has ever since become her favourite destination. A city where she feels at home and draws a lot of the inspiration that flows into her artistic side activity.

But her hometown gets the grip back on her. She returns to Madrid for a professional challenge in the luxury hospitality industry, a job that involves frequent stays abroad, mostly in Florence and Rome. Still within the same industry, she moves to Luxembourg.

Today, Blanca lives in Madrid and works in advertising.

Her professional path makes her appreciate the many social and cultural differences of the places she has experienced, which contribute to broadening her mind and, more particularly, to further increasing her personal enthusiasm for creativity and design.

Blanca converts her passion for design into the artistic transformation of tailor mannequins, bringing these faceless bodies to life.