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3V Mannequins

  •    · Can be rented for special occasions (fashion and interior design photo sessions, seasonal shop window dressing or events).
  •    · Can be acquired, depending on availability. 3V Mannequins currently displayed on this website are available for acquisition.
  •    · Can be pre-ordered and custom-made, even using part of your collected buttons and similar accessories (creation time vary from 4-6 months).

Quest for buttons:

Are you owning buttons that you kept because you found them beautiful and interesting because of their special shape or color, and have been storing them not knowing what to do with them whileas their particularity made it impossible for you to just throw them away?.

Please consider making a donation of your buttons’ stock to me. I will breathe new life into them by using them on my 3V Mannequin creations.

Mil gracias! Blanca Victoria.

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