The confection of an individual 3V Mannequin goes through various stages.

The buttons form the base, and are complemented by other decorative unique objects (old and modern) such as pins, ribbons, sequins, pieces of cloth…


Blanca defines a very individual style to each mannequin, making it unique. Special wishes may be conveyed to the artist by clients wanting to integrate a mannequin into a dedicated environment (home, at a boutique, restaurant or office). Custom ordered mannequins may also include a selection of buttons that the client owns and wants to see used. Without cutting the creative freedom of the design.


‘DRESSING UP’ the mannequin: the decoration process consists in a very minutious placing of all decorating buttons and accessories to the ‘naked’ mannequin. Objects, depending on their nature and size, are fixed one by one to the mannequin either with needles, pin or glue.

Until the mannequin has come back to life and that the highly minutious confection process is finished, countless hours are involved of design planning, and objects fixing.

Where do BV Mannequins come to live:

Private homes and creative work places, as a sculptural decorative object.

Boutiques as a decorative piece among the fashion pieces reinforcing the tailor-made aspect.

Galleries, restaurants, boutique hotels…