The idea


Back to Madrid in 2009, a friend offers Blanca a tailor mannequin on which she starts to place necklaces and other silly things. At the same time, the fact of having stored many buttons in drawers so as to be potentially used in the future, or not… makes her start with mannequin button decor.

Millions of buttons are hold by people who kept them for their potential future use, separating them from clothes that they recycled.

Many of us keep them because we love them, for their beauty, for their feel. Because they bring back memories of past times, occasions and experiences and also because they look unique, vintage, modern or might be useful in the near future.

Blanca collects all types of buttons, and performs a transformation work by placing them into a new context. An individual work of art that they were not initially designed for, but into which they happen to fit, sometimes even better: the tailor mannequin.

The buttons, originally accessories to a dress, now form the entire dress that is beautifully worn by a tailor mannequin that finally gets a permanent face and personality.