Roland Iten: unique upscale design

Swiss belt buckler designer who uses Swiss watch-making equipment to craft his exquisite belt buckles. All are mechanically adjustable to allow for a precise fit around the waistline, unlike buckles that use the notches on a belt.

Iten designed three different versions of his Calibre R22 Mark I Bugatti Edition belt buckles, with the total number limited to 44 units. He made only 11 each for the first series, which is in white gold, and the second series, which is in rose gold.

He says the belt buckle is an object of precision engineering much like a Bugatti engine. It has exactly 100 handcrafted components, which are made of solid gold, stainless steel and titanium.

Smoked sapphire crystals on the front of the belt buckle provide a view inside. Like the glass panels that showcase the engines on Ferrari and Lamborghini sports cars, these large crystals expose the complex, and gorgeous, internal mechanics.